Cool Pop-up Retailer Made with Carton Bins

Been to Triwa? What awaits you is a cool pop-up retailer designed by Pawel and Jerzy Wozniak of the Mode:lina studio. You’ll be able to attain the cool Pop-up retailer on the Galleria Malta shopping for area at Poznan in Poland. The retailer itself is an incredible designer piece of paintings with trendy watches displayed. The retailer was made according to the consumers’ need that it is perhaps low-worth vary one with 100 laptop recyclable provides. Triwa wanted to complete the event of the store inside H hours with the product and the mannequin highlights all in place.

Cool Pop up Store Made with Carton Boxes 1 Cool Pop up Store Made with Carton Boxes

The event provides used are cartons that are used to maneuver gadgets – and also you understand they’re purely recyclable, low value and prolonged-lasting. The event was moreover supported by glass aquariums complementing cardboards with a measurement of 30 x 30 cm. The brand new retailer shall be dismantled shortly. The cardboard gadgets shall be used to maneuver watches. For those who miss it this time, chances are high that the store will come up in several malls shortly.

Cool Pop up Store Made with Carton Boxes 8 Cool Pop up Store Made with Carton Boxes


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