Surreal architectural paintings arrange by ROSO

This unbelievable paintings arrange by studio ROSO turns the uninteresting A narrative central courtyard of Clark Footwear Headquarters in Road Somerset to a fantastical place.

roso 4 Surreal architectural art installation by ROSO

roso 2 Surreal architectural art installation by ROSO

The web site specific  arrange was meant for instance the considered sunshine reflection on a monumental scale. The piece consists of seven.500 shiny discs suspended from vertical wires mounted on a development, disposed in P streams inside the type of an unlimited reflecting beam of sunshine. They advocate mud particles inside the delicate, bursting from the ground of the office window.Because the sunshine modifications with the hours and seasons, so does the influence created by the sunshine arrange, reflecting onto the utterly white courtyard like on a canvas and fringing surreality.


Pipe Mild: Lighting arrange for outside and indoors from Triptyque

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