Traditional German Home Acquires A Sparkling Modern Extension

We have all the time maintained that renovations and revamps are far harder to execute than planning for a model new house on an empty lot. The cause is fairly easy and apparent. Existing buildings deliver together with them a set of constraints. Similar is the case with this beautiful German residence situated in Regensburg.

Gorgeous Zwischen Raum Residence in Germany Traditional German Home Acquires A Sparkling Modern Extension

Considered as part of the area’s historic heritage, the unique construction of the Zwischen-Raum residence couldn’t be altered by the designers. Instead the ingenious people from Fabi Architekten determined to provide the house a model new extension that oozes trendy minimalism.

Modern extension to a traditional home Traditional German Home Acquires A Sparkling Modern Extension

Original structure of Zwischen-Raum Residence

Spend the evenings relaxed enjoying the view outside

The model new construction visualized and delivered to life by the German design studio makes use of glass in an in depth style within the type of flooring-to-ceiling glass home windows. Connected with the unique house utilizing a wonderful glass hall, the brand new addition slot in with the present development of modern and classy areas that provide nice views of the world outdoors.

Interiors that offer a contrast to the classic exterior

Stylish modern decor inside the new addition


Glass extension to the classic French HouseTraditional French House In Vincennes Gets A Sparkling Modern Extension

Ergonomic modern kitchen

A enjoyable backyard outdoors is all the time visually related with the dwelling and patio space of the brand new residence. The interiors on each the degrees appear uncluttered and supply a relaxed setting because of heat and vibrant look inside. The present construction additionally embraces the fashionable way of life inside its partitions as an ergonomic kitchen area, a savvy eating space and all-white interiors current a distinction to the extra conventional exterior.

A look at the glass corridor that connects the two edifices

Contemporary interiors with a stylish staircase

The stylish extension of Zwischen-Raum home is an attractive instance of how can add additional, uncluttered area to an historic residence with out altering the prevailing edifice drastically!

Sky light in the transitional area

View from the top of the staircase

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