Workshop Palm Springs Topped America’s Prime Restaurant Design for 2013

The decision on America’s prime restaurant design for 2013 is in and the esteemed panel at Restaurant and Bar Design Awards has picked Workshop Palm Springs as the simplest inside the Americas! The distinctive awards honor the simplest designs inside the hospitality enterprise and the stripped down industrialist trend of the Workshop Kitchen + Bar at Palm Springs has charmed many with its symmetric and understated design. The within of the restaurant supplies a very completely totally different vibe when as compared with the other consuming locations in space that sport a additional Southern Californian sort.

Interior of Americas best restaurant design in 2013 Workshop Palm Springs Crowned America’s Top Restaurant Design for 2013

Designed by SOMA Architects, the restaurant embraces an early colonial look with uncovered concrete and stoic hues of deep grey taking over the world. Trendy minimalism is maintained all by means of with the hanging delicate bulbs, a 34-foot prolonged communal desk inside the center and flat black leather-based-based mostly cubicles that let the patrons to benefit from a few quiet and private moments as they take inside the distinctive construction. Visible and geometric symmetry are adhered to inside the strictest sense even as a result of the extreme ceiling and the uncovered rafters give the world a particular aura.

Long communal table with hanging bulbs in the restaurant Workshop Palm Springs Crowned America’s Top Restaurant Design for 2013

Simple yet effective lighting at the restaurant

Hanging bublbs bring in a colonial and industrial touch

Interior of the restaurant showcases a Mid Century Modernist look

Long communal table at the restaurant in concrete

In actuality, the combination of the essential and the fashionable supplies you an impression of sitting in a restaurant that is not too far off from being a regal fort courting once more to medieval events! It’s that this sweeping mixture of design varieties and understated sophistication that has launched residence the very best design prize inside the enterprise to the doorstep of Workshop Palm Springs!


Palm Springs Contemporary VillaModern Palm Springs Villa Charms with Luxurious

Chef and proprietor Michael Beckman, is renowned for his tasty Mediterranean delicacies with improvised American flavors. As you dig into these rich and delicious delights, you could be definitely taken in by the distinctive attraction of the award-worthwhile restaurant and bar.

Bar at the Workshop Palm Springs by SOMA Architects

Beautifully lit kitchen bar at the Workshop Palm Springs

Sleek seating at the kitchen bar

Stylish outdoor dining area

A look at America's best restaurant design 2013

Rich and colorful refreshments at the Workshop Palm Springs

Fresh food served up at Workshop Palm Springs

Delectable cuisine at the Workshop Palm Springs

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