Your Concrete Jungle: Eight Steps for Improving Your Sidewalks and Patios

The basic concrete jungle is a mad land full of rigidity and the euphoric feeling that we inhabitants of this area are on the precipice of success. The thrilling acknowledgement that this success is each inevitable and imminent precedes all different tragedies reminiscent of smog, congestion, and crime and so the record goes on. Every second is an journey of anticipation for the subsequent second.

Rooftop, sidewalk, streets, all densely populated with individuals from probably the most numerous cultures, and unknown walks of life make up a jungle that Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman-fictitious animated cinema characters-solely grew to understand after being uncovered to an actual jungle.

artistic concrete sidewalk Your Concrete Jungle: Eight Steps for Improving Your Sidewalks and Patios

Artistic concrete entrance

by WA design

I’m positive many people householders can empathize with that. And then we’ve encountered our concrete walkway main as much as our entrance door and the again yard patio. Both misplaced underneath weeds and discoloration that (let’s be trustworthy) makes us consider one phrase: Drab.

In simply eight steps you possibly can revitalize your concrete and make it a shining instance of your exemplary DIY expertise.

Step One: Kerf your Turf

Those ornamental slots within the sidewalks that as youngsters we chanted would break your again or mom’s backbone want a makeover. Measure the areas you need to minimize a ridge into after which utilizing a two by 4 as your information and minimize. To lower the potential of mud spray mist the noticed to dampen the sting.

original colored concrete walk Your Concrete Jungle: Eight Steps for Improving Your Sidewalks and Patios

Natural coloured concrete stroll with sq. kerfing

by Leslie Rohrer


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Step Two: Get Mean and Clean

Think of one thing that makes you righteously indignant. Then taking a large, stiff broom rework that anger into power by cleansing the area. Wash, rinse, repeat till you’re glad with the cleaning ritual and hopefully your anger could have subsided by now. Really soiled areas may have a superb energy washing.

Stylish concrete patio flooring

Stylish concrete patio flooring

by Kathryn Waltzer / Photo by Peter Duke

Step Three: A Coat of Color

Using a pump sprayer, apply your first coat of outside concrete stain by spraying evenly and persistently round movement till the highest of your floor is coloured. Unlike most staining tasks you apply your coat whereas the concrete continues to be moist.

spray painte white concrete sidewalk

White stained concrete sidewalk

by Robert Leeper Landscapes

Step Four: Marbleized with Motion

Again, don’t permit the concrete and your first coat of stain to dry as you start so as to add your second coat. If you miss a spot, that’s okay, as this can simply add to the marble impact of movement in concrete.

Polished stained concrete flooring for your patio

Polished stained concrete flooring on your patio

by emily jagoda

Step Five: Swish and Swirl

Using a mild spray of water out of your hose, use the present to combine the 2 stains till they begin mixing and marbleizing. Use the water to your benefit to push the stain into dry, naked spots till you start to see the concrete patter type to perfection.

Stamped concrete flooring for your outdoor patio

Stamped concrete flooring on your outside patio

by Synthesis Design

Step Six: Dry and Damage Control

Now when the whole lot is dry go searching for areas which might be missing vibrancy, colour and stain. Spray your stain on a dry clear material and dab the goal areas as it will assist mix and proceed your marble floor. Once you might have attacked any stain free area with this technique permit 24 hours of drying.

concrete tiles for your patio

Concrete tiles on your patio

 by Arcanum Architecture

Step Seven: Seal the Deal

Using a curler apply a sealer to your dry concrete floor to stop fading. This sealer may be utilized each A to 5 years to maintenance your patio and walkway to most potential.

Dark stained concrete patio design

Dark stained and sealed concrete patio design

by Design Platform / Photo by

Step Eight: Grill and Chill

When your sealer has set and dried to crisp perfection roll your grill again on the brand new resurfaced patio and hearth it and the tunes up for some outside yard get together enjoyable. Add a freezer chest of ice and drinks to the combination, a few garden chairs and your buddies who helped actual this undertaking and do your self a favor after your DIY challenge: Chill. Just chill.

Stamped concrete customizable in various patterns

Stamped concrete customizable in numerous patterns

by Phillips Collection

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