DIY: Brighten Up Your Bookshelf and Reading Life

Paintbrush. Paint. Blue tape. Purchase these three gadgets and you can also make our DIY venture itself the sweetness to behold.

For the sports activities jockey: trophies. For the artist: paintbrushes and paper. For the physician: scalpel and stethoscope. For the kid: scattered toys. For the jet setter: globe and atlas. For the reader: books and magazines.

DIY bookshelf idea DIY: Brighten Up Your Bookshelf and Reading Life

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While as soon as these collections have been rigorously and safely harbored in chests, however now the shelf has many functions, carries the load of many hobbies and is a storage unite that may show simply as simply because it holds. But when it’s all white it might use a bit plastic, I imply paint, surgical procedure.

diy painted bookshelf DIY: Brighten Up Your Bookshelf and Reading LifeThis DIY venture is enjoyable and the enjoyment lasts a very long time because it spices up your room. Give it a brand new look, make it edgy and it’s one thing the DIY newbie can get their arms soiled with as they leap right into a world that’s all consuming!

Follow these straightforward 4 sensible steps and you may have a “new” bookcase very quickly in any respect!

Step One: Undoing All Your Hard Interpretation of Your Instruction Manual

Pull out these particular person cabinets and their brackets. Note to self: Contain brackets in plastic Ziploc bag. Seal bag. Check if it’s safe. Find lacking bracket on the ground. Open bag. Place the final bracket within the bag. Seal bag. Check if it’s safe. Stare at air bulge in bag. Open bag. Compress air out. Seal bag. Check if it’s safe. Mark bag. Put on prime of fridge. Don’t overlook it’s there. Walk away. Forget what you have been doing. Oh, yeah. Proceed with undertaking.

Step Two: Getting Friendly with the Sticky Spirits


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This might look like a fast straightforward half, however take time when taping the within of the aspect panels the place it touches the backboard. Using a robust maintain tape that’s leak resistant in order that no stray drips or streams of paint discover their approach into uninvited spots otherwise you’ll be beginning over!

Step Three: Giving Your Bookshelf a Happily Ever After Horizon

With your new vibrant shade that may praise your white shelf and mix with its designated room, go forward and paint that child! Or you could have the retro choice of putting in a crisp layer of wallpaper on. Use a enjoyable sample that matches your room or coordinates properly.

Step Four: The Great Revelation

Do not take away the tape till the paint is completely dry. Allow additional time even after that. When you take away the tape pull it outward at a forty five diploma. Unlike ripping off a Band-Aid, take your time so to not pull any dried paint alongside for the experience.

Take an image, tweet it, simply stare at it for awhile, however sooner or later and time you’ll should put it again as an alternative towards the wall and refill it with its proud possessions. But for now I’ll depart you and your shelving to take pleasure in one another.

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