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After journeys to South America, 01M-OneMoment decided to create ecological footwear based mostly totally on an historic strategy of foot security.

Situated in Valencia, Spain, 01M-OneMoment consists of two architects/designers and one engineer. They discovered the traditional Amazonian means to utilize the hevea tree (strolling inside the jungle in the middle of the moist season, the native people toasted latex on their ft to protect them from parasites).

After about three years of testing completely totally different ideas and concepts, they developed new biodegradable polymers that present resistance and elasticity that may moreover biodegrade merely. The manufacturing of these new footwear is just 9 steps from raw provides to packaging, all produced regionally using energy-setting pleasant machines.

01M OneMoment Shoes in style fashion main  Category

01M OneMoment Shoes in style fashion main  Category

They declare that their 01M footwear are the lightest footwear on the earth (max 100 sixty gr /pair for largest measurement). Straightforward to maneuver, you’ll merely fold them up and insert into your purse. As resilient as any flip-flop, these defend your ft fairly extra and you could even throw them inside the washer.

Study additional on the O1M website.

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