Luxury Home in Istanbul: Traditional Style Meets Contemporary

Combine the divided, or divide the mixed. Whatever is the method, the top product we see is simply marvelous. Here is the right mannequin of a home made by combining two totally totally different flats. The better part is the constructing has undergone a division, too, when it comes to the used design types. The home is owned by a pair, and the husband prefers extra of the normal type, whereas and spouse is keen on each conventional and trendy types. See how they mix so completely in right here.

Istanbul luxury apartment casual living room with city views Luxury Home in Istanbul: Traditional Style Meets Contemporary

The beautiful design operating A,000 sq ft is created by Neslihan Pekcan of Pebble-Design, and is situated within the Gayrettepe neighborhood of Istanbul — recognized for its European settlements.

The center aged couple purchased the entire home as two totally different house models and the brand new mixed home has two dwelling rooms, with an entrance proper within the center. Dividing the entire area into two main parts is the doorway, with the suitable aspect assigned for personal area. An unique workplace area is one other attraction. The main bedroom in white colour resembles some suite in an enormous shot lodge, whereas kitchen and the kitchen island, on the left aspect, are stylish and trendy.

Istanbul luxury apartment large living room modern furniture Luxury Home in Istanbul: Traditional Style Meets Contemporary

Decorated with a positive assortment of South African equipment, the home can also be dotted with many vintage equipment and work from the house owners’ assortment. Further, the superior abode ensures a splendid view of the town of Istanbul.


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