Otter Cove Residence: Stunning Modern Home on the Coast of California

Designed extravagantly by Studio Sagan Piechota Architecture, the Otter Cove Residence is an excellent home situated amidst the spectacular Carmel Mountains in California with beautiful surroundings and the majestic ocean forming its pure environment. With lovely colours and astounding options that would make anybody fall in love with it, the complete house has been divided into two equal sections with the assistance of a horizontal aircraft that ensures that half of your complete house lies underground and is protected away from the adjoining freeway, whereas the opposite half provides magnificent and endless views of the waves and the rocky coast.

home perched on a cliff with ocean views 1 glass walls Otter Cove Residence: Stunning Modern Home on the Coast of California

The japanese aspect of this alluring house is stored nicely away from the view of the phrase because it cuts into the rocky terrain of the world to discover a place for personal spots hidden away from prying eyes and the visitors on the coastal freeway. The western wing of the house although is a spot the place the construction pens as much as the gorgeous and rugged Pacific shoreline and the house owners can take pleasure in endless sights and sounds of the huge blue together with cool sea breeze.

home perched on a cliff with ocean views 2 landscape view Otter Cove Residence: Stunning Modern Home on the Coast of California

A cleft between the excessive roofs and the partitions permits at no cost passage of air and lightweight into all the degrees and there’s ample pure air flow. The structure depends on minimal use of partitions, they usually have been erected solely in locations the place they’re essential, with glass extensively and expansively filling up in most different locations. From the freeway, the home seems too brief, and mendacity on its backdrop is the massive lovely ocean.


Contemporary asymmetrical residence overlooking the Arabian Sea Coast

Perched atop an exquisite spot that overlooks the ocean in a regal style, the house is as spectacular inside as it’s on the surface. The indoors are superbly adorned with prime notch furnishings, and structure’s talent is exhibited all through in a hanging method with using excellent arches and glittering end. The curved construction is artistic, distinctive and undoubtedly one of the distinctive houses on the Californian coast that has no dearth of luxurious houses.


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