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Vibrant 3D wall storage which will substitute wall paintings

Oslo-based furnishings designer Bjorn Jorund Blikstad created a wall storage unit that seems additional like wall paintings than furnishings. Vibrant and three dimensional, the 3D Wall Storage System provides many storage areas inside its symmetric sort. Taking a greater look, the shelving unit uncovers its 3D sort, nevertheless from distant it appears to be like a 2D model. Every diamond shaped unit is obtainable in completely totally different colors, so that the last word outcome’s a symmetric nevertheless crazy vibrant design. They appear small, nevertheless can keep up many points. This pretty childishly coloured wall storage system may assist beautify any room – from fashionable, trendy interiors to an eclectic combination of design.

Colourful 3D wall storage 1 Colourful 3D wall storage that can replace wall art

Colourful 3D wall storage 2 Colourful 3D wall storage that can replace wall art